My inspiration for Fairy Finery’s magical dress-up clothes

girl wearing pink princess hat with veil

Once upon a time, a little girl received a sparkly, sequined costume that had the power to change the world of dress-up and imaginative play.

More than twenty years ago, a well-meaning friend gave my then three-year-old daughter this gift, and it wouldn't come off. For my daughter, the glitter and satin were magical. As a mom, I had reservations. I believe that playing dress-up is important for children, but I chafed at the plunging neckline, faux underwires, and costume quality fabric. It seemed an overly-grownup outfit for a toddler. However, for that time, this was typical dress-up for kids and not a lot else was available.

She wore it everywhere. She loved the sparkle and the feel of the silky fabric. It even went over turtlenecks and snow pants when it was cold. Even as the costume type fabric became frayed and worn, I couldn't peel it off her.

The idea of replacing it got me thinking.

I wanted her to have something fun and sparkly, but appropriate for her age. With a little fairy dust and imagination, I used my experience designing adult clothes to create matching fairy costumes for my daughter and five young nieces out of lovely fabrics. They all loved the twirly, sparkly dresses. Just like magic, my daughter took off that old sequined thing for good. I felt wonderful seeing them wear something that encouraged their playfulness and imaginative exploration, suitable for their age and my values.

That sparkly, shimmery sequined outfit changed everything.

It was amazing. Everywhere we went, people wanted to know where to get one.
So that's when Fairy Finery was born!

All these years later, I still love the magic of creating something that delights both children and adults. Magic comes in many shapes. When we put on a hat (or scarf, skirt, or shirt) that makes us feel fabulous, we sense ourselves morphing into something powerful, magical, and this influences how we feel. I love bringing a sense of wonderment and magic into everyday life. Especially for girls and boys!

Looking back on it, that original gift of a sequined costume inspired me to wave my own fairy wand and create something even better. Now children everywhere can have fun, playful, just-for-them outfits that bring more joy and creativity into their lives all made here in our Minnesota studio.



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