Here is a interview that CBS / WCCO did on Fairy Finery

Fairy Finery mail from our customers:
 Thought I would write to tell you about my families recent trip to Walt Disney World and the Disney Cruise Line.  My 3 year old daughter wore "fairy finery" daily while we were there, she refused to wear anything else for 14 days.  Multiple times a day we would receive comments from other mothers or children regarding her dresses.  In fact, many little girls started crying when they found out that my daughters dresses were not available for purchase at Disney World or on the Disney Cruise Ship.  But never fear for I did tell all of the parents where they could purchase the dresses from by either handing out the cards I had of yours that came off her dresses or writing your web address down on paper when I ran out of cards. 

We also received many compliments on the dresses from the Disney Characters, especially the Princesses.  My daughter stuck out from amongst the other children because of her "fairy finery" and often was chosen by the Disney Characters/Princesses for photo opportunities, to participate in shows, etc.  Only time will tell as to how much my daughter will remember of her trip to Disney, but luckily our family will have many pictures as reminders.  Pictures with her wearing "fairy finery" and a big smile.


Thanks for the wonderful clothes.

Sincerely, Laura

Hi Susan!  The butterfly wings and skirt just arrived and they are EXQUISITE!!!  Your artistry is as wonderful as I knew it would be!


Thank you so much for going the extra mile for me, I truly appreciate it, and Sally will be tickled pink!!!  I'll take some pictures, of course!


I thought I'd ordered a wand, too, but didn't find one in the box...I'll find something somewhere, though I know it won't be as wonderful as yours.  Don't worry about sending one now....I just really, really appreciate what I got! 


Warmest Regards,