Fairy Princess Dresses and Costumes

Fairy Sparkle teal dress
Bring the wonder of Fairyland to your special child with these enchanted fairy princess dresses and capes. Create an enchanted wardrobe; inspire a child’s imagination to soar!
orignal fairy finery flower tulle skirt tutu teal
Discover our famous flower petal skirts, and our tutu's are too much! For play or for dance, give our skirts a chance.
magical fairy wings for girls
Fairies will flit in style with our wonderful wings! From the littlest to the biggest of pixies we have one that is sure to please!
Never Ever Droop Princess Hats
Our "Never-Ever Droop" princess hats are the best in the Kingdom! Our special lining guarantees a happy ending for every hat!
fairy star wand
Wand-a be a star? Our wands are sure to cast a spell!
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fairy finery frost fairy  dress
Frost Fairy Dress
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Frost Fairy Dress
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